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Corona Virus: What Has Israel Discovered?

Corona Virus: What Has Israel Discovered?

Corona Virus: What Has Israel Discovered?
Efforts are going on worldwide to find a cure for corona virus. Now Israel has claimed that it has developed antibodies to kill the corona virus.

Israel’s Defense Minister Naphtali Bennett has claimed that scientists at the country’s leading biological research institute have achieved a “significant breakthrough” in developing an antibody for the corona virus.

The statement issued in this regard says that this antibody attacks the virus and neutralizes it in the body.

According to the Defense Minister, the work to develop the antibody was completed and the institute “is in the process of patenting it”. After which, its mass production work will be done.


On Tuesday, three tweets related to this were made on the Twitter handle of the Ministry of Defense of Israel.

Post ended Twitter @Israel_MOD
It was written that in the last two days, IIBR has achieved a significant scientific breakthrough. The institute has created an antibody that will neutralize the corona virus.


The second tweet read, “Key parameters: 1. Antibody is monoclonal, new and purified. It has little amount of harmful protein. 2. Antibody can neutralize corona virus. 3. This antibody on deadly corona virus Specifically tested. ”


According to the third tweet, “If we look at the detailed scientific publications around the world, then it seems that IIBR is the first institute to achieve scientific success in fulfilling all the above three criteria.”

What is monoclonal antibody

According to the US National Cancer Institute, monoclonal antibody is a type of protein that is made in the lab. It goes and sticks to the enemy cell present in the patient’s body.

There are many types of monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies have been used in the treatment of many types of cancer earlier also.


Corona Virus: What Has Israel Discovered?

Dr. Atul Kakkar, Vice Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, also says that monoclonal antibodies are not new. In the past, it has been used in cancer, arthritis and many types of infections.

He says, “Monoclonal antibodies are radiative. Its name is mono ie one. Monoclonal antibody works on a target.”

How does it work

According to Dr. Atul, our body works on many levels to avoid infection. The body itself produces immunoglobulin antibodies, which are made from plasma cells.


The monoclonal antibody is exactly the same as the immunoglobulin antibody, hence the clone in its name. The target of monoclonal antibodies is in a site located inside the immunoglobulin antibody.

The monoclonal antibody sticks to the infected cell and neutralizes it.

How monoclonal antibodies are made

According to Dr. Atul Kakkar, the type of cell we need is first injected into animals (often mice). The animal is taken to the lab.


Immediately next to the liver is an organ called the spleen, antibodies are made in this organ of the animal. Antibodies and spleen cells fuse to form a hyperdoma. This creates the antibody that is needed. Which is removed and given to humans.

However, Dr. Atul Kakkar says that only after knowing about the testing of Israel, it will be known how much this method can work on the corona virus. They say, until the paper is not published and we will not get the details, then we cannot say anything.

According to journalist Harendra Mishra present in Israel, researchers have currently reported that they have identified a protein that is capable of killing the virus inside the patient’s body. And the institute will soon publish a paper about these funding.

No more information has been given about this antibody yet. Nor is it told in the statement whether this antibody has been tried by humans or not. Corona Virus: What Has Israel Discovered?


However, according to the information received by Harendra Mishra, IIBR has done some clinical trials.

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