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The digitally manufactured RE Interceptor 650 is seen as ‘Tamraj’.

RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj

RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj
Designed by Neev Motorcycle, the TAMRAJ is a digitally manufactured motorcycle based on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, with a very bold look that guarantees a high road presence.

Here we will regularly know about custom-made motorcycles There are often postings that give a completely new visual appeal to a motorcycle.

However, it is not often that we come across a customized motorcycle that can fully impress us with its bespoke visual package and great craftsmanship.

That said, the custom-built Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 that you see here is definitely one of these rare builds.


Images of RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj

Custom-RE-650-Tamraj- Gossiyapa
Custom-RE-650-Tamraj- Gossiyapa

This modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, made by Nive Motorcycles, is being called TAMRAJ – The King of Darkness.

However any similarity between this motorcycle and a popular novel, which may be purely coincidental with the same name, which is certainly bold and punk, look through the custom package this motorcycle has received. RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj

On the front-end, it gets a small spoke rim with beefier rubber. Even the stock front forks have been given an all-black treatment.

The stock headlamps have been replaced by a smaller unit, even the speedo console has been removed to achieve a cleaner look.


The front mudguards have also received black paint. In the side profile, you’ll be quick to notice the all-black paint theme for the fuel tank, while the stock side cover has been replaced with custom units that appear to be Fox Air scoops.


However, the highlight here is the flat custom seat, which has replaced the stock unit. In addition, the original end-has been replaced by a smaller and stubbier unit that may have slightly improved performance of RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj.

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Even the rear-end has a cleaner look with a smaller tail lamp replacing the stock unit.

The rear mudguards and Grabryl have been removed to achieve a cleaner look, while even the stock rear rim has been replaced with a smaller unit that is smaller with a meat tire.

Details of performance upgrades, if any, are not currently available but as we said, the new exhaust may cause a small improvement in RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj.


In its stock form, the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is powered by a 648 cc parallel-twin engine that benefits from fuel-injection and comes with a 6-speed transmission.

The motor produces a maximum power of 47.65 PS and a peak torque of 52 Nm.

In any case, the feature here is the level custom seat, which has supplanted the stock unit. What’s more, the first end-has been supplanted by a littler and stubbier unit that may have somewhat improved execution of RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj.

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Indeed, even the backside has a cleaner look with a littler tail light supplanting the stock unit.

The back curved guards and Grabryl have been evacuated to accomplish a cleaner look, while even the stock back edge has been supplanted with a littler unit that is littler with a meat tire.

Subtleties of execution updates, assuming any, are not as of now accessible however as we stated, the new fumes may cause a little improvement in RE Interceptor 650 Tamraj.


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